Bill's Blacklist

The current blacklist, last changed

(If that's a long time ago, this is probably out of date)

Some people have asked for this. there are issues with it...

  1. It is poorly documented
  2. It is poorly formatted
  3. It is not consistent
  4. It has a lot of stale cruft in it
  5. It is overagressive for anything like an ISP
  6. You DO NOT have my permission to use it as a blacklist

You should also note that this list is NOT identical to the recommendations I make to clients. Spam control is best tuned to individual sites, and this is what works pretty well for now. It is almost certainly not what would work for your site next week. If you think my analysis of that might be worth something to you, maybe we can work something out involving the exchange of money.

That said, here it is. Do not even think about asking for support on it. If you use it and start losing important mail, that's YOUR problem, not mine. If you write me to ask why some uncommented address is in there, expect to agree to a sizable payment for me to go digging into my archives to figure it out. Keep in mind that I've been growing this list organically since 1996, and I may no longer be able to tell why I added an address. If you use this as your blacklist, I can only pity you. It is formatted for SIMS (the Stalker one, not the Sun one).

NOTE: I also use 6 different public DNSBL's, have a long list of firewall rules that are largely the result of spammers, and have many domain names blacklisted (checked in envelope senders) as well. As a result, many more addresses also cannot send mail to my mailserver and this list therefore has the added flaw of reflecting only a slice of my shunning of bad actors.

Please read the documentation if you want more info.

Curious factoid: this list is in fact no longer really suitable for SIMS. I have migrated to using a local DNSBL instead of the SIMS internal blacklist. This list is still the master for that DNSBL, but the list of places I don't want mail from has outgrown Stalker's wildest dreams.