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So this is my shoddy home page. I don't have graphics, I don't have a lot of deep thoughts on this page, but I'm here. Hi.

If you formerly visited here and are wondering why the navigation line above no longer points at pages related to finding work, well that would be because some people do not read. I got a lot of spam related to those pages and I'm not really looking for work at the moment, so I pulled the links.

It is possible that you knew me as "Bill Stewart-Cole" and are wondering about the name change. It's really pretty simple, and I have a page detailing it.

If you want to know about me, maybe the best way online is to go off hunting at Google. They archive Usenet, and I've been posting messages in Usenet since 1989, using '' mostly (occasionally '' as a way to salt spammer's lists) and a variety of other addresses back before 1995. If you go hunting there to read my words of occasional wisdom and frequent verbosity, be aware that as an occasional poster to the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup and a critic of the official scientology organizations, I have had many 'sporgery' posts forged under my name which Google preserves. So ignore the garbage you might find under my name in that group. In less ancient days I kept largely to the newsgroups which discuss the workings (and failings) of Usenet and the net in general (news.*) as well as in alt.sysadmin.recovery, a few groups in the Usenet II area (net.*, a not-very successful experiment that I played a small role in starting), and the other unnamed groups set up as an adjunct to and refuge from a.s.r. (and which are probably in part the reason that net.* never got going seriously.) I've also been sighted pontificating in some comp.* groups and alt.* groups related to my work as a sysadmin. There was a time when I was accused of living on Usenet, and while that was never really true, it is the medium where I have experienced and recorded some of the coolest human interactions of my adult life. It's even where I met my wife. I don't use it much anymore.

Email (see the address above that isn't "bounceback") works if you want to reach me, but my "main" address is so heavily spammed that my anti-spam measures tend to block more mail than they should. If that happens and it is worth your effort to do so, you can mail me through this website.

If you are looking for private details of my life or pictures of me, my wife, my ex-wife, my daughter, my son, my stepson, my cats, or any of my other family, pets, or anything, you've not come to the right place. It's not that I fear exposing myself, I just haven't seen the point in putting them up yet. Some of those things are around in various places on the web or on my hard disks, they just aren't here. If you are looking for examples of my web work, that's only here in great austerity. I haven't seen the need to make this fancy, so it isn't. If you chase down my resume and follow some links you can find some sites I helped design, although they have certainly changed significantly in how the design is filled in since I worked on them, and probably in many cases the basic design has been changed as well. The web is an ephemeral medium.