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A few things I have available...

If this text is not small and gray, you should consider using a CSS-capable browser for my site

The local blacklist used to ban mail from my server.

An alternate explanation of the same blacklist aimed at people who have had mail rejected.

A shell script that adds entries to that blacklist and a perl script that it relies upon to convert the source format for the blacklist to a BIND zone file.

Be sure to read that license text in those scripts if you seek to use them!!

Some pictures of my son, Kyle. Before you ask, yes there is something wrong with his left eye. he was born 16 weeks early and one of the problems that left him with was a completely useless left eye. For more details on that, visit ROPARD.

A bit of advice for people having trouble with spam blacklists.

A rant about how Microsoft is destroying email with their grotesquely misdesigned and incompetently coded mail software