The Solid Clues Blocklist

NOTE: this list is used locally and IS NOT recommended for use by ANYONE else ANYWHERE!!!

This blocklist is published solely to disclose Solid Clues Consulting policy which may impede mail to Solid Clues Consulting addresses. There is no publicly disclosed DNS zone carrying this data and it would be extremely unwise for any other site to attempt to use this blocklist as it is. As a work generated by Solid Clues Consulting for internal use from proprietary data, this list is proprietary intellectual property and may not be copied or used without an explicit license. Licenses are not currently available.

The list below shows all the IP address ranges used for the main Solid Clues local blocklist. The Solid Clues mail system is also protected by a locally-maintained blocklist which attempts to list all SBC dynamic-IP ranges.

If you want more information about this specific blocklist beyond what is below, read the documentation. If you contact me regarding a listing and show no sign of having read that documentation, I am likely to mock you and/or ignore your query.

The current local blocklist, last changed

(If that's a long time ago, this is probably out of date)