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Welcome to Solid Clues Consulting.

Currently Solid Clues Consulting consists of one guy and some computer equipment, which is approximately what it has usually been. To avoid the pretentious business 'we' I will introduce myself:

Hi, I'm Bill Cole and this is my semi-dormant freelance geekery business.

What Solid Clues Consulting does...

For most of the past 20 years I have held full-time jobs that have precluded me from taking on consulting work, so Solid Clues Consulting functioned solely as a business face/wrapper for my personal online stuff, such as domain registrations.

Since mid-2017 I have been unencumbered by a regular paycheck and have been open to job offers as well as "gig" work, and since early 2018 have been carrying a significant billable hour load with a primary client who has not made any serious attempt to have exclusive access to my services.

As for the specifics of what I have done to acquire the coveted dollars, you can see my resume Or see my LinkedIn profile. and if you dig deeply enough into the rather dated 'virtual job interview' you can see some of what I have done as a freelance and what really interests me in work. The short business description I once used is:

Solid Clues Consulting provides high-technology expertise and services to small and mid-sized organizations.

Like all mission statements, that says very little. So I'll list a few things I've done:

Enough already... This is starting to read like a sales pitch for my freelance work, and it really isn't. I've just gotten tired of people asking what is, so there it is. If you have an extremely interesting project you need help on and think I might like it, feel free to e-mail me a pitch, but be warned that I'm almost certain to pass on it. Also be warned that I tend to have little patience for carelessly random flackery...

If I'm such a web developer, why are there no graphics here?

It's really very simple: they would add little but load time. There is certainly a place for flashy imagery on the web. I love flashy imagery. It just isn't what this page is about.

If you want to send me spam, send it here instead.

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